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Powerful drink mixes rich in the amino acids L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, with specifically chosen vitamins, proteins, minerals and polyphenols – delivering many proven benefits.

Friends On A Walk

"I am ecstatic at the results. I had a hard lump at back of right knee which was the size of a pea (which I understand was varicosity) which after 6 weeks has gone. My feet are less discoloured and less sore and tight."

Julie R, Hampshire

Arterial Formulation L-Arginine Vitamin Drink Mix

Feel healthier, every day.

Arterial Formulation and Hair Therapy are premium, natural drink mix products made with scientifically formulated blends of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins and polyphenols – ingredients which have been clinically validated to help improve certain ailments and conditions.


The team behind our products, have professional backgrounds in vitamin, mineral, & amino acid nutrition, naturopathic medicine, cardiology and holistic healthcare.

All our drink mixes are made in the UK at fully accredited food standard supplement manufacturing plants.

Metulas Supplements, a company whose products are defined by results.

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